The Marbrotec is a recyclable, massive and cold cast material, composed of 80% natural mineral filler, produced from metamorphic marble of Tunisian origin.

The binder has 20% of the product which is an unsaturated, iso-phthalic, light-stabilized low viscosity matrix. The colors are obtained by the natural pigmentation of the stone and by the addition of organic pigment pastes.


Specific weight 2g/cm3
Anti-U V treated, resistant to aging Longevity
Seamless elements, sanitary antibacterial treatment Healthiness
Structure without porosity, rot-proof Total impermeability
Solid material, low resonance Sound quality
Much less cold than natural marble Pleasant to the touch
Resistance to most common chemicals Health neutrality


Tensile strength 11 X 10 p6 N/m2
Flexural strength 31 X 10 p6 N/m2
Compressive strength 140 X 10 p8 N/m2
Module E 119 X 10 p8N/m2
BARCOL hardness 50 – 55