Maintenance tips

Comment nettoyer LE MARBROTEC © ?

Pour nettoyer Le MARBROTEC ® ( Vasque, Receveur de Douche, Plan vasque …)

Entretien quotidien
Le MARBROTEC ® se nettoie avec une éponge humectée de lessive vaisselle ou de gel douche.

Idéalement, un nettoyage simple au savon doux, un rinçage soigneux et essuyer avec un chiffon doux suffit à l’entretenir.

Produits interdits
Attention ! Ne pas utiliser de détergent contenant une substance abrasive. Ne pas exposer le produit aux acides, à l'éosine, aux produits à récurer ammoniacaux, aux produits de coloration pour cheveux ou à l'eau de javel..
Acétone, anticalcaire, décapants, dissolvant, White-spirit, etc… ne sont pas autorisés sur cette matière.
Evitez de les manipuler au-dessus du plan ou du lavabo.

What to do about the traces of limestone encrusted in your shower?
Have you spotted some traces of lime on your shower screen? Do not panic ! Then use the bathroom descaler. Perfect for occasional use, it deeply removes the thick and old layers of limestone in your shower stall. To apply it, just like the cleanser, nothing could be simpler:
  • Start by putting on gloves.
  • Spray the cleaner 20 cm from the surface to be treated
  • Leave on for a few seconds
  • Wipe with a damp sanitary sponge
  • Rinse directly with the shower head
To note : Using a shower squeegee daily helps prevent the drops from stagnating and forming these unpleasant traces.
Unclog the accessories to guarantee a long duration
Cleaning stainless steel: you need softness!
  • The right utensils for cleaning stainless steel: to clean your stainless steel items, use soft rags, chamois leather and rubber squeegees. And in the corners, use a brush with nylon bristles. Ban steel sponges and corrosive rags: they scratch stainless steel.
  • Ditch harsh products, scouring powders, those that clean silverware and bleach, which bleaches stainless steel. On varnished stainless steel, avoid special products for stainless steel: instead use lukewarm water, never boiling, with washing up liquid.
  • Ecological tip: the potato. Rub the surface to be cleaned with a potato cut in half. Let dry a few minutes then wipe with a soft cloth. It's clean and it shines!
How to get rid of traces of lime and soap in your shower cabin?

Limestone and soap: these are two inseparable elements of your shower enclosure. To prevent the traces from becoming encrusted, you must act daily with an effective product. A cleanser is specifically designed for this purpose. The cleaner helps to remove limescale veils but also soap deposits and other dirt.

Perfectly suited for daily use, the cleaner is suitable for both the shower stall and the shower tray, the paredouche, the taps, non-calcareous wall tiles, joints, etc.

To apply a Cleaner, simply spray it 20 cm from the surface to be treated. Let it act for a few seconds then wipe off the product with a damp sponge. Then rinse thoroughly. By repeating this operation every day, you prevent traces of lime and soap from settling.